Coaster-Count is now availible as a native App for your iPhone! Browse the catalogue, view maps or search around you.
To keep track of your ridden coasters you must member of Coaster-Count TOTAL!.

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iPhone App

The complete catalogue of every roller coaster in the world, stationary or travelling, operating standing or operated. Listed by continent, country, theme park, showman and funfair. Maps for continents and countries. There are details for every roller coaster, theme park, showman and funfair with website, link to RCDB and directions to get there. Full offline capability.

Search around you with list, map and multiple filters. Search for roller coasters, theme parks, showmen and funfairs.

When you are a member of Coaster-Count TOTAL! you can log into the app with your credentials and keep track of your ridden roller coasters and rerides, access your tours, view your ride chronology and statistics, online or offline. For this we charge a minimum fee of 3$ / 1,90£ / 2,50€ for one year. No contract, no auto renewal.

New features Version 2

  • My tours
  • My ridden coasters
  • My ride sequence
  • Duplicates


  • Noticeably faster performance
  • New detail views for country, park, coaster
  • Access maps easily
  • Quick filter for catalogue and all maps
  • Improved search

New features Version 3

  • Coaster riders and park visitors
  • Coaster pictures
  • Your count is now shown on the app icon
  • Notify me when friends ride new coasters
  • Coaster-Count Website


  • More details for coasters and parks.
  • Enhanced feedback with images and screenshots.
  • Count details added to your credits in your profile.
  • Improved maps with number of credits.
  • Coasters added to satellite maps of parks.
  • Distance to nearby coasters.
  • Former names for parks and coasters.

New features Version 4

  • Optionally record the ride time.
  • Record re-rides.
  • How many new and different coasters have you ridden and how many rides have you passed?
  • Funfairs, loctions and dates of traveling coasters.
  • Map of visited parks.


  • iOS 10 compatibility.
  • Map improvements: Red markers on top, construction indicator, numbers inside markers, different icons for parks, outside parks and funfairs.
  • Preferences are now located in profile.



Browse the catalogue, full offline capability!





Visit RCDB or the park's website. Get directions directly from the app by proven coordinates. Never miss a park again for an incorrect, incomplete or missing address. No need to write down tons of addresses before a tour.


Tick your ridden coasters directly in the park, it will be at the top of the nearby search.


As a Coaster-Count TOTAL! member you can log into the app to check you stats or tick coasters. Even offline!


Search as you type for parks and coasters, even with former names.



This option is only available in Coaster-Count TOTAL!. Click on the yellow star for more information.Coaster-Count TOTAL!