Countries Europe

List location
List Special
List Design
List Status
AlbaniaMap2 Park Parks2-2-2
AndorraMap1 Park Park1-1-1
AustriaMap49 Park Parks924 Showman Showmen5851297
BelarusMap11 Park Parks14-14-14
BelgiumMap19 Park Parks6916 Showman Showmen211 Funfair Funfair82890
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMap1 Park Park1-1-1
BulgariaMap7 Park Parks121 Showman Showman315-15
CroatiaMap3 Park Parks65 Showman Showmen612-12
CyprusMap4 Park Parks7-7-7
Czech RepublicMap14 Park Parks1724 Showman Showmen3248149
DenmarkMap18 Park Parks764 Showman Showmen573881
EstoniaMap3 Park Parks31 Showman Showman14-4
FinlandMap11 Park Parks354 Showman Showmen638341
FranceMap110 Park Parks29648 Showman Showmen1223 Funfair Funfairs4126418
GermanyMap158 Park Parks346114 Showman Showmen20322 Funfair Funfairs49158549
GreeceMap9 Park Parks152 Showman Showmen217-17
HungaryMap10 Park Parks172 Showman Showmen419221
IrelandMap6 Park Parks166 Showman Showmen1328129
ItalyMap96 Park Parks19856 Showman Showmen862804284
KosovoMap1 Park Park1-1-1
LatviaMap1 Park Park11 Showman Showman12-2
LithuaniaMap2 Park Parks2-2-2
LuxembourgMap-3 Showman Showmen33-3
MacedoniaMap1 Park Park1-1-1
MaltaMap1 Park Park1-1-1
MoldovaMap2 Park Parks2-2-2
NetherlandsMap31 Park Parks9636 Showman Showmen5629 Funfair Funfairs14210152
NorwayMap7 Park Parks154 Showman Showmen620121
PolandMap36 Park Parks6813 Showman Showmen2084488
PortugalMap9 Park Parks163 Showman Showmen1531-31
RomaniaMap8 Park Parks151 Showman Showman318-18
SerbiaMap3 Park Parks52 Showman Showmen38-8
SlovakiaMap4 Park Parks5-5-5
SloveniaMap4 Park Parks51 Showman Showman16-6
SpainMap31 Park Parks8137 Showman Showmen921667173
SwedenMap20 Park Parks6612 Showman Showmen25811091
SwitzerlandMap21 Park Parks2421 Showman Showmen31451055
TurkeyMap92 Park Parks1581 Showman Showman10168-168
UkraineMap21 Park Parks281 Showman Showman328331
United KingdomMap183 Park Parks612175 Showman Showmen2141 Funfair Funfair717109826
Sum1010 Parks2425598 Showmen99231602573417
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